About the project

2019 marks the centenary of one of the most talked about occurrences in recent Maltese history: Sette Giugno.

As a result of the infamous riots that took place on the seventh day of June in 1919, 6 men lost their lives as a result of the uproar that shaped the very heart of the Malta we’ve come to know today. In collaboration with FĊN, Teatru Malta will be celebrating this national anniversary with what promises to be the musical not just of the season but the year.

The New Victorians direct and devise this contemporary piece together with Erin Carter as writer, Simon Bartolo as translator, Luke Azzopardi as costume designer with the support and artistic contribution of camilleriparismode Aldo Moretti as set designer, and the involvement of ZfinMalta.

Starring Jacob Piccinino, Leo Graham, Lee-N Abela, Christian Scicluna, Andrew Sowrey, Matthew Hunt, Jeremy Grech, Nicola Azzopardi, Sandie Von Brockdorff, Rebecca Camilleri, Zoe Camilleri, Julienne Restall, Bettina Cassar and Philippa Cassar

With 6 SOLD OUT shows, a breath taking stage and an incredible audio visual experience, SETTE has marked the start of a new era of modern musical theatre in Malta.

Critic Review: Click Here

OVATION was engaged as the production Manager of the show.